Field Sobriety Tests

Field Sobriety Tests in Bakersfield

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Field sobriety tests are usually administered by law enforcement when you are pulled over with suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The law enforcement officer may ask you to perform several "tests" which are supposed to indicate whether you are intoxicated. There are several of these tests including the "walk and turn", the "horizontal gaze nystagmus" and the "one-leg stand". Interestingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration evaluated these tests and found that even the most accurate of the three has been found to be only 77% correct and that is only when administered perfectly under perfect conditions.

Additionally, many of the "tests" used by the California Highway Patrol and the local law enforcement in Kern County have NEVER been correlated to alcohol intoxication. In fact, most of the "tests" used in Kern County have been found to not have any correlation to alcohol impairment.

Kern County Field Sobriety Tests

There are many factors that could contribute to failing a field sobriety test other than intoxication. Some of the situations that could affect the tests include:

  • Nervousness
  • Fear
  • Age
  • Language problems
  • Physical illness
  • Weight
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to understand the directions
  • Bad balance
  • Confusion

Defense Strategies Against Field Sobriety Tests

As the Field Sobriety Tests administered may be part of the evidence against you that "proves" that you were intoxicated, it is crucial that you contact an attorney who understands FST's and the limits to their usefulness. Mr. Middlebrook has been certified under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards as an Instructor in Field Sobriety Tests.

He has undergone more than twice the training as almost all California Highway Patrol Officers on the validity and administration of Field Sobriety Tests. We maintain a complete library of all manuals used by the California Highway Patrol and each local law enforcement agency on how to administer FST's. You are not required to perform ANY "test" when suspected for DUI other than an "evidentiary" Breath or Blood Test.

Dedicated Kern County Attorney

At Middlebrook & Associates, Attorney Richard Middlebrook is trained specifically on this part of a DUI defense and will fight aggressively to protect you if you have been charged with DUI. Field sobriety tests are not deemed to be of high accuracy, and your arrest may be partially based on the determination that you were "intoxicated". This court challenge can increase the possibility of a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

Take advantage of the resources, skill, and dedication of Richard at Middlebrook & Associates to defend you. Every aspect of your case, including the field sobriety testing done, will be thoroughly reviewed. No case is without flaws and these flaws can bring about court challenges that can assist in your defense and greatly increase the chances of a good outcome in your case.

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