• People v. Gerry R.
    5th DUI – .14 BAC - Dismissed in the Interest of Justice
  • People v. Ruben M.

    Felony accident with two persons with Great Bodily injury looking at 10 years. Dropped to a misdemeanor first and no jail time.

  • People v. S.K.
    Prosecution for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs. All charges dismissed in exchange for plea to an infraction of weaving and $195.00 fine.
  • People v. Sandra H.
    .11 DUI. Resolved for a drunk in public and set aside of her suspension
  • DMV v. Isiah S.
    Set aside license suspension on 1280 grounds.
  • DMV v. Janice JH.
    .16 DUI Set aside on 1280 grounds. Trial scheduled.