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If you have recently been arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we strongly advise you to retain the immediate representation of Middlebrook & Associates. With our extensive experience and track record of success, you can be confident in our ability to defend your rights.

Middlebrook & Associates has decades of combined legal experience and has been given the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell. We understand how to build personal relationships with our clients that allow us to create strong and effective defenses for their cases. We are not afraid of a tough prosecution and never back down from even the most severe criminal accusations. If you wish to learn more about the particular benefits of working with a DUI attorney, get in touch with our firm as soon as possible. We will build effective defense strategies on your behalf and help you understand the DUI court process and DMV hearings.

Our Bakersfield DUI lawyer will utilize and exhaust each of our resources in order to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf. When you retain our representation, you can be confident that you will receive the personalized legal solutions that you need and the supportive assistance that you deserve.

Recent Case Results

97.4% Trial Success Rate for Our Clients
  • Cisneros, et al. v. DMV
  • DMV v. Isiah S.

    Set aside license suspension on 1280 grounds.

  • DMV v. Janice JH.

    .16 DUI Set aside on 1280 grounds. Trial scheduled.

  • DMV v. Jerry R.

    .27 Second DUI. License reinstated without suspension. Pending Criminal Case.

  • DMV v. Rochelle W.

    Set-aside granted on .10% blood alcohol. License retained.

  • DMV v. S.K.

    Refusal set aside for lack of probable cause to stop.

  • DMV v. Stacey C.

    Over .20 Set aside. Trial scheduled.

  • People v Kim V.
  • People v R.R.

    .08 breath. Underage minor. Reduced to infraction with $210 fine.

  • People v Raymond S.

You Can Not Afford To Plead Guilty for a DUI Charge

After being arrested, we understand that you are likely experiencing a great deal of fear and anxiety about your future and freedom. As such, we will do everything within our power to help you obtain a sense of ease amidst this difficult and trying time. In order to do so, we will thoroughly review your case, inform you of your rights and legal options, and guide you down the avenue that best suits your needs. At Middlebrook & Associates, our clients are our top priority before building their defense. We address their concerns first because they matter most.

Are you Facing DUI Charges?

We represent individuals accused of the following:

Additionally, we are prepared to provide legal counsel for individuals dealing with the following:

While most drunk driving-related offenses are charged as misdemeanors, there are certain situations where a driver may face felony charges. This typically applies in cases where a driver is accused of causing a car accident that seriously injures another individual. Though most people associate DUI charges with alcohol, a driver may also be arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence of an illegal narcotic or prescription drug. Whether you are under the age of 21 and have been charged with a DUI or have recently been charged with a third DUI, our legal team is ready to defend you.

What Happens If You Get a DUI in California?

If you are convicted of a DUI in California, your penalties will depend on the severity of the offense and any prior convictions.

Generally speaking, punishments for DUI convictions can include fines, alcohol awareness classes, license restrictions or suspensions, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), probation, community service, and even jail time.

For a first-time offense, for example, fines can range from $390 to $1,000 or more, while jail sentences range from 48 hours to up to 6 months. Drivers may also face license restrictions or suspensions that last between 4 months and 3 years, depending on the severity of the offense and any prior convictions. The installation of IIDs is mandatory for repeat offenders and those with a BAC of .15 or higher. Additionally, the court may assign probation for up to 5 years and require community service.

Lastly, being convicted of a DUI in California can have other long-lasting consequences. For example, your insurance rates may increase and your car may be impounded or confiscated. A DUI conviction can also remain on your record for up to 10 years, making it difficult to get certain jobs or professional licenses. It is important to take all necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcome in any DUI case.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Handled More Than 8,500 DMV Hearings in Kern County
  • Over 250 DUI Trials Handled - With a 97.4% Success Rate
  • 38 Years of Collective Legal Experience
  • Expert Member of California DUI Lawyers Association
  • ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer - Scientist Designation
  • AV Rated by martindale.com - Leading Authority on Attorney Ratings
  • Teaches Lawyers & Scientists - DUIDLA, American Academy of Forensic Science & American Chemical Society
  • Top 100 Lawyers in America - DUI Defense
  • Founding & Board Member - DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA)

Client Testimonials

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    Best Choice for Legal Representation

    “I highly recommend Middlebrook & Associates to handle your case to alleviate your worries and get you the best outcome possible to get your life back on track.”

    - Former Client
    Mr. Middlebrook and his staff are excellent at what they do and would highly recommend them.

    “I was charged with a DUI to which there was also an unfortunate auto accident involving myself and a parked vehicle. Fearing the worst Mr. Middlebrook managed to work out a deal that I could never ...”

    - Anonymous
    Mr. Middlebrook is the man to call to help you get out of this situation as smoothly and with the best outcome as possible.

    “Everyone makes mistakes. If one of your mistakes happens to be a DUI, Mr. Middlebrook is the man to call to handle the situation. Mr. Middlebrook did the impossible in my case, and made sure my DUI ...”

    - Christian
    No words to describe the teams professionalism

    “I was arrested for a first time DUI on December of 2015. I went to Mr. Middlebrooks's office the very next day and explained my case. He gave me a step by step overview of what is going to happen. It ...”

    - Gabriel
    Best DUI Attorney Around!

    “Mr Middlebrook came highly recommended by a friend who is also an attorney. Mr Middlebrook's knowledge and experience was immediately evident to me during our first conversation about my DUI citation. ...”

    - Eric

Defending Your Future in Bakersfield

There are various strategies that may be used to challenge DUI charges in criminal court and at a DMV hearing. Even in cases where a driver is accused of failing a breath test or blood test, there may be ways for an attorney to effectively prove that the test results should not be allowed in court.

Field sobriety tests have inherent faults and may also be improperly administered. Another strategy that can be used is to question or challenge an arresting officer's testimony. Regardless of the circumstances, our firm will carefully review your situation and find any small details and facts that may support your defense.

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