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Welcome to Middlebrook & Associates LLP's DUI blog. We have dedicated our careers to the specialty field of DUI defense. We are proud members of the National College for DUI Defense, and the California DUI Lawyers Association. Over the course of our careers, we have received hundreds of hours of specialized training on the scientific and legal processes that intersect in DUI cases, and we want to share what we have learned with you.

With there being no greater demand for attorney expertise than in the field of DUI defense, it is essential for DUI lawyers to remain current on the latest scientific techniques, proven DUI defense strategies, and the evidentiary issues that determine the outcome of DUI cases. That said, arming DUI defendants with knowledge about DUI defense is a valuable strategy as it helps them gain knowledge, insight, and control over their situation.

Sharing Our Knowledge With You

At Middlebrook & Associates LLP, we take pride in staying abreast of the latest DUI testing methods, breath testing devices, roadside tests, and sobriety checkpoints in California. More importantly, we want to pass this information on to you.

The purpose of our blog is to serve as a relevant legal resource and tool for those facing DUI charges. You can visit our blog to read about DUI penalties, the latest legislative changes, recent case law, DUI news stories, and time-tested defense tactics being used in California's courtrooms.

Visit our blog regularly for more information on DUI cases, possible penalties, and common defense strategies. To contact us directly, call (661) 526-0680 or fill out our online case evaluation form.

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