DUI Tests

Field sobriety tests

Did the officer direct you (or "request" you) to perform any coordiation or roadside sobriety tests?
Were you given a choice to refuse them?
Did the officer ask you about your physical limitations or impairments or present illnesses/medications before beginning to "test" you?
Were your shoes on or off during tests?
Did the officer demonstrate the tests for you?
Did the officer comment on your performance of any test or tests?
Did you refuse to take the field sobriety test?
Did the officer ask you to perform an eye test in which you were asked to follow a pen or a similiar object?
Did the officer ask you to stand on one leg?
Did the officer ask you to walk a straight line?
Did the officer ask you to close your eyes and estimate 30 seconds?
Did the officer ask you to touch your nose with the tip of finger?
Were you asked to take any other sobriety tests?
Please describe the following conditions at the scene of the field sobriety tests in as much detail as possible:
Were your passengers permitted to witness the test(s)?

Chemical tests in general

Tests Offered by Officer:
Tests Given by Officer:
Tests Refused:
Did the officers read any document to you?
Did the officers personally hand you a copy?
Did you receive a copy of the breath test result?
Were you told what would happen if you did not take the test?

Breath test (if applicable)

Did the officer remove anything from your mouth?
Did you have anything in your mouth?
Did you smoke before taking the test?
Did you belch, hiccup, or sneeze 20 minutes prior to blowing?
Did the officer have any difficulty operating the machine?
Did you request another test?
Were you allowed to take a second test?

Blood test (if applicable)

Was the blood taken from a vein near your elbow?

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