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You have gone through the often frightening and embarrassing experience of being arrested for DUI in McFarland, California. Perhaps you were leaving a bar at closing time or were driving home from a dinner party with close friends. You may have had one or two drinks, and soon saw the flashing lights of a police car in your review mirror.

If you are currently facing criminal charges for drunk driving, please contact a McFarland DUI Lawyer at Middlebrook & Associates today. We are dedicated to helping drivers who have been arrested for any DUI-related offenses in the McFarland area. An attorney at our firm can help you with your case, whether it may involve multiple DUI offenses, felony DUI, DUI with injury, underage DUI, or another related offense.

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Do not wait to contact a McFarland DUI Lawyer! You will need knowledgeable legal counsel at your DMV hearing and throughout the DUI court process if you are to have the best opportunity at a positive case outcome after your McFarland DUI charges. Acting quickly to secure a professional's immediate service will be crucial, particularly in scheduling your DMV hearing (which must be done within 10 calendar days of your arrest, or your license will be automatically suspended.)

A McFarland DUI Attorney at our firm can meet with you to conduct a consultation regarding your case. We can review such issues as:

  • The lawfulness of your police stop and arrest
  • Whether the breath or blood test was performed properly
  • Whether field sobriety tests were administered correctly
  • Any other issues or possible rights violations that may affect your case and the prosecution's ability to secure a conviction against you.

Contact a McFarland DUI Lawyer at Middlebrook & Associates today if you would like to learn more about your legal rights in this serious situation.