Frequently Asked DUI Questions

Q: I was arrested and charged with DUI. Is there any way I can avoid a license suspension?

A: Each case is unique and has different circumstances surrounding it. If you're facing a license suspension, it is crucial to be represented by an attorney. If there is a possibility in your case to find a way to protect your ability to drive, the attorneys at Middlebrook & Associates will sift through all evidence and every aspect of the case to find it. Call the office for a free initial consultation in your case.

Q: I have been charged with a DUI and have already had one conviction. What can be done?

A: A second or subsequent DUI conviction becomes a very serious legal matter. In fact, in California, if you have a previous conviction within the last 10 years, part of the penalty could be not less than 90 days in jail, and up to a year. This is does not even include the fines that will have to be paid as well as a mandated alcohol treatment program for 18 months. If you are facing a second conviction, it is absolutely crucial that you are represented by an aggressive DUI defense attorney from Middlebrook & Associates to fight for you.

Q: I got arrested for DUI but had only had one glass of wine. What should I do?

A: There is no testing on the planet that is 100% free of failure. Trying to determine alcohol in a person's blood is an inexact science at best. It is complicated and requires an in-depth knowledge of the equipment and procedures used to obtain a result. Rarely are those results accurate. A breathalyzer testing device has inherent error even if everything is working properly (as much as .02%). The machine may have missed required maintenance, was operated improperly or the history of the device could prove it was faulty. It is vital that you have an experienced and resourceful DUI defense attorney fighting for you to discover what went wrong in your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Additionally, items such as age, gender, weight, illness, disease, body temperature, partition ratio and others must be accounted for accurately but rarely are.

Q: What can a lawyer at Middlebrook & Associates help me with?

A: The attorneys at the firm are highly qualified and have been trained specifically as DUI defense attorneys. They are able to defend you in any of the following DUI charges:

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