Felony DUI Lawyer in Bakersfield

Defending You Against Your Charges

Felony DUI charges are extremely serious. Most first DUI charges are classed as a "misdemeanor". However, if an injury or death occurs or the charge is your fourth DUI charge, it will be classed as "Felony DUI". In Bakersfield, the district attorney's office may charge you with a felony, even if you are the only person injured or the injury is as minor as a broken fingernail. This kind of charge can create havoc in your life, ruining your reputation and your future.

If convicted of a felony charge, you may spend years in state prison, be forced to pay restitution and have mandated treatment programs. When an injury is involved with your accident, you are facing felony charges, or if a fatality occurs, you could be facing charges for vehicular manslaughter. In any of these circumstances it is crucial that you contact a Bakersfield DUI defense attorney at Middlebrook & Associates without delay.

Get Legal Representation Today

Any injury will be investigated by law enforcement, their labs and fellow investigators. Most prosecutors in this situation will be extremely motivated to convict you. This makes it crucial for you to retain the assistance of an equally powerful DUI defense attorney who will fight on your side. Middlebrook & Associates boasts a team of attorneys who are seasoned DUI defense and trial lawyers that will aggressively defend you. In any case that involves an injury, it may be necessary to get more evidence or interview other witnesses that can become difficult to find. It is absolutely vital that you contact an attorney immediately to begin your defense.

If this is your fourth charge in 10 years, you need to protect yourself. It is in your best interests to contact Middlebrook & Associates immediately if you are faced with felony DUI charges. Protecting yourself during this time is very important.

Contact a Bakersfield Felony DUI Attorney from Middlebrook & Associates when you are faced with a felony DUI charge and demand exceptional legal representation to protect your rights.