Department of Motor Vehicle Hearing

Tough Advocacy from a Kern County Defense Attorney

When you have been arrested and charged with DUI, part of the process is the DMV hearing. Your driver's license is usually taken by law enforcement at the time of your arrest and you are issued a 30-day temporary license. The DMV hearing is the administrative hearing in which it is decided what will be done with your driver's license, and if you do not make the request for a DMV hearing within 10 days after your arrest, your license will be automatically suspended after the 30 days. It is strongly advised that you get the assistance of a qualified, experienced DMV hearing attorney to assist you by both scheduling a date and representing you at this hearing.

DMV Hearings in Bakersfield

At the DMV hearing is a separate part of a DUI charge and does not replace the court appearance on the actual charge. During this hearing, the evidence against you will be reviewed. Some of the items to be looked at include:

  • Did the law enforcement officer have "probable cause" to suspect you of driving under the influence?
  • Was the arrest done correctly per the law?

If any of these factors are able to be challenged, or if your DUI defense attorney has already filed court challenges that suppress certain evidence, your driver's license suspension may be set aside.

At Middlebrook & Associates, our Bakersfield DUI defense attorneys have successfully represented thousands of individuals at DMV hearings. We don't just schedule appointments and go to the DMV as a "show". We hire experts, submit outside evidence and fight for your license. In addition, we are the only law firm in Kern County to file appeals ("Writs") from DMV hearings to overturn poor decisions of the DMV. We have an impressive record of proven success when it comes to this process.

Take advantage of our years of experience and legal knowledge by letting us review your case today. We are prepared to assist you throughout every step of the process. The law is very strict on arrest procedures, and any error can result in a court challenge and a dismissal of charges. It is crucial that your legal representation is highly experienced in all aspects of DUI charges, including the DMV hearing.

Contact Middlebrook & Associates if you are seeking exceptional legal representation at both the DMV hearing and in court.